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Lal Kitab Ke Farmaan (1939)

Lal Kitab Ke Farmaan (1939)

Authored By: Pandit Roop Chand Joshi (Anonymously)

Year of Publication: 1939

Printed by: Jahaazee Press, Lahore (Now in Pakistan)

Language: Urdu

(Was) Available from: Calcutta Photo House, Kangra and Hall Bazaar,


Published by: Sharma, Girdhari Lal (Pandit Roop Chand’s cousin)

Published from : (Pandit Roop Chand’s native village)

Farwala, P O NoorMahal, Distt Jullunder, Punjab

This is the first published volume of Lal Kitab.

Each major topic has been presented as a “farmaan” or an edict, a pronouncement. A total of one hundred eighty one (181) farmaans are contained in this book of over 383 pages (plus a sixteen page index.) Although the contents of this volume set a foundation for Lal Kitab astrology, yet the dominant topic is palmistry and Samudrik Shastra. The knowledge of astrology is thought to have originated from the oceans (samudra) so this knowledge is termed as Samudrik, of oceanic origin. The shape and size of the nails, fingers, palms, toes and other details such as physiognomy, the shape of skull, feet, forehead and the lines on these parts are discussed in detail. These signs and symbols are connected to the planets that form the basis of astrology. Thus the interpretation of palmistry contained in this book is quite different from classical Indian and the Western palmistry books. Many (Lal Kitab based) astrological concepts are discussed but there are hardly any remedial measures given. This volume is thoroughly illustrated. Pandit Roop Chand personally sketched a vast majority of illustrations himself.


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